when my swiss chard is reminding me of my spider veins I stop to ponder

I planted 3 kinds of chard this winter. The birds like them all !!!

And yes we all have part and parcel of our physical body that we can not photoshop out in daily life… but how important is it to be perfect? …. hmmm, yeah right like getting rid of my  spider veins is going to do it !

Recipe for Roasted Wild Quail drizzled with Pomegranate reduction sauce


I am looking outside my kitchen window at all the fat and happy quail chowing down on my swiss chard and lettuce that I have worked so  hard to grow from seed,  and into my head pops up a  recipe for something I have never had nor honestly not quite sure I would have the cahoonas to go about executing ( pun intended). Roasted Wild Quail drizzled with  Pomegranate  reduction sauce .

SO, for now I can not share the recipe with you…. nor post a taste bud inspiring photograph of the dish beautifully  plated.  .  What I CAN  post is lots of former  beautiful veggies that I should have harvested before I missed the chance !

Ah yes. Abstract photos that connect the dots of my pain .  I wonder if Alfred Hitchcock gardened and if that is how he came up the famous movie  “The Birds”. And to all you folks out there who love having bird seed feeders to see birds close to your home…. start gardening. Nature’s bird seed. Do not get me wrong , I love the “concept” of having birds around . I love the sounds of birds chatting together. What I do not like is their  total disregard for what I have been planning all week to harvest today for dinner! Fat juicy quail is sounding better and better all the time. … and no I am not a major carnivore.