Quail recipe revisited

While watering the veggies this morning I realized my quail recipe I considered a few weeks ago was best that it had not been executed. It appears that the fat yummy quail I had been considering for dinner… must have been pregnant because as I walked up to one of the raised beds a family […]

Schug heaven recipe

I love home grown and organic Cilantro. I could eat a plate of it as my salad and be happy. And cilantro is SOOOO good for you!  Usha Lad and Dr Vasant Lad in their book Ayurvedic Cooking for Self  Healing say that “Cilantro balances all doshas ( more on that in another post) and […]

Goji berries… and healthy diet ideas for those with Diabetes and Alzheimer

  I have personally not participated in the goji berry love fest nor  have I plunked down the big bucks for the little health giving rubies. Yes I know of lots of great health gurus that have  recipes using them . I am more interested in sustaining a food budget AND having great health.It seems […]

Recipe for Roasted Wild Quail drizzled with Pomegranate reduction sauce

Scary, I am looking outside my kitchen window at all the fat and happy quail chowing down on my swiss chard and lettuce that I have worked so  hard to grow from seed,  and into my head pops up a  recipe for something I have never had nor honestly not quite sure I would have […]

Will you be seeing more photos from my garden than images with recipes ?

I always giggle at all the food blogs that have great styled photos. Even though I may have years on me as a commercial photographer, this blogging thing is so new. All too many of my   yummy dishes are served just in time to be eaten not styled  and photographed beautifully. Working on that […]

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to chocolate

I like to try and help others get off their sugar and other food addictions.(disclaimer I think for now I am still  kind of addicted to dark chocolate, but within reason and without the sugar I feel so much  better.) My history with sugar is similar and yet different than many people I know and […]