2015 review and thoughts for empowering 2016

-Guggenheim_entry5809©_2015_Copyright_Linda_Enger_PhotographyAs I review 2015 and ponder 2016 I wonder :

What did I learn this year?

What  and whom did I invest my time , energy, focus and money on this year?

What has REALLY served me in my goals… hmmm goals for 2016?

Did I get the results I was looking for? What did I learn from the accomplishments and the frustrations?

What do I plan to do, experience, learn,  be committed to changing , and embed myself in during  2016?

What do I CHOOSE to keep same and /or different? Whose life is this anyway?

Am I going to write these thoughts down?  Keep them  in my head?

Make a plan?

Would it be more cathartic  to yelling the answers out  loud and declaring myself so OVER this , or that?

Just thinking as I rush through today’s to do list?

Will this evaluation happen today / tonight/ tomorrow…. when ?

Will I take  time for a spiritual transition?

Will I make it an intellectual thought , or a transforming experience?

And what about you?

Wishing you deliciousness in  2016, in body mind and spirit … and all that you are committed to creating in your life .

Thank you for taking the time to be here with me.