Quail recipe revisited

While watering the veggies this morning I realized my quail recipe I considered a few weeks ago was best that it had not been executed. It appears that the fat yummy quail I had been considering for dinner… must have been pregnant because as I walked up to one of the raised beds a family of baby quail went running out of cover of the cinder blocks that were protecting them( silly kids)  , with their mom yelling at them  ( and me ) from nearby. No photos . Wondering where the nest had been .


Besides Wiley coyotes, bird, bugs, stray barn cats, lots of happy  quail that I am considering having for dinner some night we also have way too many ground squirrels and what I am told are gophers. These gophers have been known to take down beautiful 30 year old pecan trees in my hood. How to tell the difference when looking at the NUMEROUS mounds of dirt on our property ?  The mounds with holes with the little ground squirrels running and ducking for cover… are self explanatory. The REAL thorn in my side ( and not talking Argentinian Mesquite thorn either which in itself is extremely painful and I know the 3inch thorn experience all too well ) . The big piss us off is the mounds of light and fluffy soil ( especially amusing considering how hard some of this desert hard packed soil is)  with no obvious holes but damages left behind. I go out now each morning to see what is left in one of my veggie beds. These varmints love roots of some plants , such as radishes, and garlic and nasturtium. If I am lucky and I get outside early enough maybe I get a Nasturtium bouquet out of the deal. But then other times entire cilantro plants disappear or heads of lettuce are chewed to the core but left in ground.