What kind of stuff in life makes you feel delicious, and thank you dear veterans

Of course we know doing what we love to do always makes us feel better about ourselves and our life. Yadayadayada.  But sometimes it is overwhelming for me that there are so many things I love to do, want to do, need to do, have to do,  and that make me feel better when I do them .

Example at hand. I love to hike around sunrise and sunset. Sunrises can always be more problematic,especially  depending upon time of year, day of week etc.  Even more so with  photographing sunrises.

The iphone has become a good hiking companion for me: Podcasts, music, writing down notes to myself , photos and videos ( even though I still am having hard time taking them too seriously ). There has been many a time I have been so glad to have the opportunity to NOT have a  REAL camera. ( will not get into here the good and bad aspects of hiking with access to text, email or phone calls) .

So when a friend of mine asked me to help him locate an ideal  sunrise shot of a saguaro for his composite photographic art it got me to do something that I know makes  me feel delicious. The iphone scouting photos I sent him were a fun distraction from my “real” hike . More than that though it was “fun”  getting back into carrying the camera and tripod out at sunset with a real goal in mind, and with a partner in crime ….. honestly, it is a totally different kind of feeling delicious than my morning walking meditations… but both are so good for the  essence of what makes me feel delicious.

Yesterday was veteran’s day. I took this photo this past Sunday. When processing it yesterday I could not help but sense  I had a Saguaro  saluting  to all those veterans past, present and future who give so much .

What have you done today that makes you feel delicious?

What do you try to do everyday that gives you that buzz?



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Will you be seeing more photos from my garden than images with recipes ?

what do wasps have to do with food photography anyway ?
what do wasps have to do with food photography anyway ?

I always giggle at all the food blogs that have great styled photos. Even though I may have years on me as a commercial photographer, this blogging thing is so new. All too many of my   yummy dishes are served just in time to be eaten not styled  and photographed beautifully. Working on that 🙂 So considering this entire blogging thing is new to me and I already made it clear that I am attempting to not make this a  “perfect ” photo website , and yet I am a true believer that we all deluged with too many mediocre images and not enough editing in this visual hailstorm we live in these days…. I guess I am going to have to stretch and see about showing more prepared dishes here 😉

But for now.. one of my buddies that hang out with me in the garden buzzed in to say hi!