Morning moving meditation vs huge to do list

I crave my morning moving  meditation.Yeah , its that time of year. SOOO hard to be ignoring the huge to do list.  The to do list that  gets even crazier now. Be it the gym or yoga, or hiking or walking or 20 squats at home , what ever! How do I  NOT  let that […]

when my swiss chard is reminding me of my spider veins I stop to ponder

And yes we all have part and parcel of our physical body that we can not photoshop out in daily life… but how important is it to be perfect? …. hmmm, yeah right like getting rid of my  spider veins is going to do it !

A ripe peach in the hand is worth more than 2 in the tree (specifically the ones sampled by birds and squirrels!)

I picked  hmm maybe  60 yummy little organic peaches… and then there were those that already had a bite or a peck or half eaten… darn,  almost a 5 gallons bucket worth. This is what I have learned. Pick unripe  ripen them well inside … it really was upsetting to attempt to have them ripen […]

The strategy of the pit

There it was, in plain sight. An early morning reality check glaring at me   It sat there as a bold statement saying “GOT HERE BEFORE YOU…. HA HA HA HA!” Yep, the birds and squirrels were in cahoots again . My precious peaches  had been covered up with bird netting and recycled Trader Joes […]

Has MADD been replaced by SMFDD?

    Strange conversations happen during waxing sessions. Hard to explain  the connection of dots that lead to this conversation today but I think it started with talking about dating > how rare anyone is  going out to movies, dancing > how people do not dance anymore, what singles do on dates dinner , drinks […]

Monday Morning Structure

Monday mornings are ( in my humble opinion ) easier for those folks who know EXACTLY  , no doubt about it , when and where they have to be someplace, and to whom they need to satisfy in their activities of the day. And then for many of us it is a matter of creating […]

What time with my monopod taught me about myself, and garbage in garbage out

  Lots learned on this hike! First, the photo  above is ironically one of the last photos of the day. But what is important about it is my first time with a GoPro Hero 3 ( yep I confess I am a late adopter on too many things that involve new tools.) My friend Neil […]

YUK to yummy… and coping with unwanted guests

Seems like this winter after srting with varied types and brands of Kale seeds the Lake Valley Organics brand  of Red Russian Kale is the only one that has really taken off . This time only in pots that are strategically placed in various sub climates on the property. As always there tends to be […]

Gardening analogy – one of many, lemons and my life.

  I keep experimenting to see what REALLY works for me in life. Been doing it as long as I can remember. When I see what works for someone else I can not help but wonder if it will work for me too. I plant and see what happens. I get caught in the process […]

Zen? So what is my why for this blog?

I finally got around to getting a managed word press that does not have the name lindaengerphotoblog in it …. why?  I am years overdue on my photo website and been up to many many other cool trajectories in my life that it seems like there is too much in me to ignore or post […]