The night shade question continues

  Maybe it is the midwestern girl in me that finds great emotional  satisfaction of really great home grown organic heirloom tomatoes. You know , the ones that actually taste like a tomato. Food elimination is tough stuff. I  know if I experiment with eliminating ALL the night shades  from my diet I can see […]

Peppering my thoughts.

It has taken me many attempts at growing green peppers from seeds to get a few decent size organic peppers home grown … dare I try again?  It is that time of year. I missed starting  seeds inside in  pots but I have 2 sweet peppers and 2 hot pepper plants in pots outside that […]

Pretty little priority conflict

Pros: Lutein content of cooked tomatoes, vit C, fiber, yummy, pretty, excited cause I got them to grow and harvest despite all the odds against me in garden including predators, weather, water, etc etc. Cons: Darn it I have known this for decades but it is a really hard one to deal with. Tomatoes … […]