The night shade question continues



Maybe it is the midwestern girl in me that finds great emotional  satisfaction of really great home grown organic heirloom tomatoes. You know , the ones that actually taste like a tomato. Food elimination is tough stuff. I  know if I experiment with eliminating ALL the night shades  from my diet I can see if it is true that any signs of arthritis, inflammation, and muscle stiffness will improve as I have so often read. But that means eliminating so many yummy dishes that I love . I think I could live without eggplant, I have tuned down my personal consumption of sweet and hot peppers, white potatoes are more of a treat than a regular diet. BUT honesly… it needs to be consistent for 3 months  to really see the effects. I am wondering who out there can say they have been really consistent and can swear by the positive results.  I ask myself and you the reader … what in life are we willing to give up for if we KNOW the outcome vs we hope the outcome and is the outcome bigger than a bread box  ? Yep, gluten pun was intentional.


Pretty little priority conflict

Pros: Lutein content of cooked tomatoes, vit C, fiber, yummy, pretty, excited cause I got them to grow and harvest despite all the odds against me in garden including predators, weather, water, etc etc. yellow_pear_and_cherry_tomatoes_on_yellow_paint2014__©_Linda_Enger_Photography_web#2

Cons: Darn it I have known this for decades but it is a really hard one to deal with. Tomatoes … ah a great one ( which is hard to find in a store) can bring me back to fond childhood memories of buying tomatoes in the midwest from a stand by the side of the road… yep they existed. Those precious juicy , drippy red gems with salt and pepper could be a meal in itself. GRRRR they are one of the nightshade family of veggies, also called  the Solanaceae family . Sadly this also includes  potatoes, all types of peppers, and eggplant.  After 4 years of finally trying to grow big tomatoes I was successful with small  cherry and pear shaped ones, and very small “big version” one. Now dare I put any plants in the ground before my window of spring planting opportunity is over? I am trying not to . I already have 3 tomato plants that are still producing since put in my garden in Oct. Will it last? And what about the yellow pepper plant that is putting out tiny fruit still. And the several pots of 2 kinds of eggplant that held up through the frost and are putting out flowers  and the 2 hot pepper plants?  So which is more important to me? Growing organic veggies that I love to eat or trying to see if I can do a 3 month diet without 4 things I love organic Peppers of all kinds, all tomatoes and sauces, eggplant and potatoes, and then what about what I eat out? OR the quick thrown together pizza ( ugh, not going into the gluten or cheese conversation here )… dare I see if I can not consume ANY Of these veggies for 3 months to see if it helps with my headaches, stiffness, aches and pains and spinal  arthritis ? HMMM what to do ?  GRRRRR….too many foods to eliminate to be “healthy” and live in a sustainable world. GRRRR.