The night shade question continues



Maybe it is the midwestern girl in me that finds great emotional  satisfaction of really great home grown organic heirloom tomatoes. You know , the ones that actually taste like a tomato. Food elimination is tough stuff. I  know if I experiment with eliminating ALL the night shades  from my diet I can see if it is true that any signs of arthritis, inflammation, and muscle stiffness will improve as I have so often read. But that means eliminating so many yummy dishes that I love . I think I could live without eggplant, I have tuned down my personal consumption of sweet and hot peppers, white potatoes are more of a treat than a regular diet. BUT honesly… it needs to be consistent for 3 months  to really see the effects. I am wondering who out there can say they have been really consistent and can swear by the positive results.  I ask myself and you the reader … what in life are we willing to give up for if we KNOW the outcome vs we hope the outcome and is the outcome bigger than a bread box  ? Yep, gluten pun was intentional.