“Emergent” My temporary art installation for INFLUX

LE speaking at Bus Tour INFLUX FB post

“Emergent ” , my temporary art installation for INFLUX Cycle 6  has been installed since early April . Wow time flies. INFLUX   7 cities temporary art installation project that is in it’s 6th year around the Phoenix Metro are. I am so happy to say I was chosen this year by the Scottsdale Public Art to be one of 3 artists to create art to cover the exterior  of  3- 5×8 Ft windows in the gallery district of Scottsdale AZ. If you are in the area anytime until end of November 2016 you can find it inside the courtyard at Marshall Square ( 7077 E Main St )  on the west side of the Expressions Gallery.

The Influx Bike tour and Influx Bus tour were great opportunities for the artists to talk to folks in person about our pieces . I promised folks I would write up some tech notes for the pixel peepers and consistent to how I do things… poof…. I got caught up  in other things . Not great marketing,and so much for priorities.

I would like to share some back ground story on the piece. When I applied I was asked to submit 5 images of work, along with a BRIEF reason why I would be good for this project and my bio. What was wild is that when you apply you have NO idea what city or property or project you are applying for! I had no idea when  I applied I would be asked to produce a photo this large, that was it would be displayed outdoors in an area where the viewer was  very close to the image . Add to that the piece was to be on display   for 7-9 months in Scottsdale AZ heat and sun. I was not looking for billboard  quality printing here. I wanted people to feel they could walk up and see the detailed resolution. Artisan Colour was spot on with helping me make this happen with their quality output . You can read more about some technical aspects of the  project at a blog at their site:

A work of Art, “Emergent” in the form of a Direct Digital Print to white DiBond

I really do want to tell you more, and am  overdue on this blog of mine.. and really  and truly have  written an outline for this  blog some time ago,but considering it is now June 17… I am posting this and will write more  on another blog at a later date 🙂