Hollyhocks rock


When I used to see Hollyhocks in gardens I visited I always felt them to be carefree, take me as I am kind of flower. I enjoyed their  vibrant personalities and planned one day to enjoy their company in my own yard. Well consistent with my gardening trials and errors I found last spring that out of one package of seeds that I attempted to grow I had one beautiful plant that agreed to stay with me in a simple 5 gallon Lowes Hardware bucket. I has flowered through the winter and now come march still at it. I dare not transplant it ( this advice I got from one of my helpful fellow gardeners on my Maricopa  gardening group. Now the great news….. I have other hollyhocks that are now itching to flower in big planter and in ground in other areas of property. Maybe I am onto  something  … I think the lama dung is helping  🙂