Tranquil rest vs Weird Melatonin triggered dreams and headache

weird nightmare type dreams is not what I wanted when I took the melatonin at 2am after waking up at 130 ad being way too awake!!
weird nightmare type dreams is not what I wanted when I took the melatonin at 2am after waking up at 130 ad being way too awake!!


I think it is time I totally shun Melatonin as a sleep aid. Just saying for me it just is more trouble than it is worth. I can almost guarantee  I will have some very weird , dark dream that does not have any connection (that is obvious to me)  with what I did, what I looked at or who I spoke to within days prior to the dreams. And it seems I always get a headache after taking it.

I go from looking forward to having a tranquil rest to waking up shuddering in the darkness.

The other night I tried it again after months of not trying it. Out of NO WHERE, I  dreamt about a friend of mine from high school ( I will not share how long ago that was but … oh my , history) . If I remember correctly I am pretty sure that this friend’s  father developed Alzheimer disease years after we were in high school. In my dream I see my friend in a restaurant. I walk up to him and start talking to him. He looks at me with a blank stare.  I have not seen him in person in years ( which is true). I remind him of the wonderful times we had together. I remind him of our great communications we had while I was working at summer camp. He was not a boy friend but truly the closest friend I had when it came to talking about our deep spiritual thoughts. Ironically he was the son of a Lutheran Minister so that made our  conversations even more interesting as we compared “notes” on life. But I digress.

SO , I wake up from this dream with a shudder. Wondering if my high school friend will  at some time be one of the victims of this memory robbing disease.

Melatonin is getting big bonus points in some research I read in reference to not only sleep aid but  that supposedly it  does something to help protect women from breast cancer. Really ?  Well I think I am better off lying in bed meditating than having these wacko dreams.

So here are a few links to read for your personal   caution  ( just saying you may want to check it out) and keep it in mind when  you are looking at all those great blends of natural sleep aids .


I woke up feeling like dirt this morning … why would you want to read this?

out_of_the_darkness_comes_insights_7079Linda_Enger_©_2013Yep, The title sounds pretty negative. But hold on. This blog is WAY overdue.  WHY?  Why the blog or why overdue. Well when it comes to a creative mind , priorities and distractions…. there are lots of shiny objects in each 24 hour day .

Honestly I am proud of myself I am finally here. Not wandering off down another rabbit hole of interesting websites, researching interesting stuff. I am also  very appreciative that you are here as well. Why? What is the old poem/ saying about a tree falling in the forest and no one hears it? SO what is the intention of this blog site anyway? The story is this. I want to  share with others this  fusion of ideas, and imagery that is overwhelmingly back logged and really have a place to  generate a conversation around some topics that are on my mind and in my world resonate with  the images I am sharing.   I look forward to sharing not only my insights but hook you, my reader  up with sources of information that I have found helpful… and that is just the beginning.  Yes the title may sound like gardening and cooking … which are very important to me. But that is not all it means. Stay tuned . Please come back …. and please comment.

I woke up feeling like dirt…. after editing this I am feeling delicious.