The story behind Dirt to Delicious


My name is Linda and the phrase dirt to delicious means lots of things to me. I created this  site to create a home for a fusion of  topics and activities  that are near and dear to me.  If you find any or many  “dishes” that I am offering on this menu  ( see list of categories of blogs on the left side panel ) to be to your taste please visit frequently.  Here is what is being offered on this menu  this week . Ingredients and menu options may change as per the spirit moving me.

1) Delicious Visuals …   I set out with intention of creating a blog site where I would explore connecting the dots of many of my creative endeavors. Sharing  my interests and insights along   with my  imagery, not just images.


2) Delicious  Yummy food for a  delicious healthy life … I love fusing  flavors. Which “diet ” is most healthy for us individually can seem like a moving target. I have explored many healing diets and will be touching on these.  My husband refers to me as a Harlem Globe Trotter in the the kitchen. I think it is because I  tend to play with my food and never been great  at  following  directions.  Well here I will be attempting to share some of the links where I have found great recipes that others have tested over and over to get the measurements down… and  my  own recipes. Although my recipes  may not be as  exact in measurements as some of you recipe followers who paint within the lines may want … you other types of cooks ( we know who we are) will be right at home. For you gluten free, sugar busting, garden growing  cooks, who  want  to eat healthy , economical and sustainable… welcome to my kitchen. I think we will love sharing ideas. ( disclaimer to my editor friends and writers. Yes, I do run on sentences.  I think I see some eyes rolling from behind your key boards 😉

3) Dirt! Organic Gardening in the Desert Southwest. My trials and tribulations and what I have learned along with links to others who know way more than me. No this is NOT Kansas! I live in Scottsdale AZ and the whole seasonal thing is not the same here!  Of course I will be slipping in imagery for illustrations.

4)  Feeling delicious…..Yep, body mind and spirit stuff.   I never knew the word bio- hacking until a few years ago…. then I realize I started bio-hacking been doing it for …. well  many years ago when I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic AND hypoglycemic in college. I plan on sharing ( scary stuff here )  from my experiences, training , and links to information that I feel is worth sharing ( and having conversations about ! Not all paths are for all people. I love a dialogue! Disclaimer: all information and links  that  I share regarding  diet, nutrition, movement exercises, supplements/ herbs/oils/ homeopathy/  healing modalities  and  input on very specific health issues  will include references and will note when it is through my own  personal crawling through the  trenches experience. When the input comes from people that have shared their stories with me. Their identities will remain anonymous unless they ( or you ) choose to share. I personally think that in this day and age we have an enormous amount of information out there to help us make health decisions. Unfortunately it can be overwhelming. I hope to have a community here that develops to support each other in feeling delicious… with whatever “menu” works best for us individually. Of course what mind body blog would be complete without being a cheerleader for  yoga ?  Well as I said not all menus are for everybody nor or all poses or classes or approaches or teachers for every body’s body!


This site  is kind of an analogy for my life:  Totally  full of flaws, a fusion of so many different tastes and flavors, a never ending work in progress, a path that has  encountered  many u-turns, detours  and GPS malfunctioning.

My visuals along with writing and links are  meant to inspire, motivate, educate and create a dialogue.

I am so grateful you are here, you read ( or skimmed ) this far. I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time ! Now…please feel free to comment , share the link to this blog and come back frequently. Also if  you would like to commission or hire me for any of my many talents… please contact me  here or at

thank you,  Linda



2 thoughts on “The story behind Dirt to Delicious”

  1. Linda, I wish you well in your new and very ambitious endeavor. Your photography is beautiful and I know people will really enjoy seeing your images as you see them. Your recipes and health issue discussions carry great relevance in a world that is so much more aware of our bodies than ever before. Please follow your advice – do not go back and re-edit or re-submit images – let your first writings stay as a reminder that nothing is perfect in nature and that blogging is really a means to existing in a moment. If you edit, you will lose the moment that led you to a particular thought. You can always add to the thought or change your mind in the next blog you post.
    Best of luck on your new adventure – Suzanne

    1. Suzanne,
      thanks for checking out the site and commented. FYI my “advice” re to not go back and re-edit etc. was only in attempt to make sure I not get lost in perfectionitis. (sp?) with that said , I hereby resolve the my own advice is not good advice .Why 1) the first little video I posted would not seem to run right but was fine on FB so I deleted it for now. 2) If rereading my own post , I can not understand what I wrote … I doubt you could either 🙂 There is a 3,4, and 5… but maybe I will edit this comment another time and add those.

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