Okra to sooth my aching heart

Okra to sooth my aching heart. Ahhhh, I  harvest you  finally. It has been oh too long waiting for you to appear. How precious few of you there have been.Too many of your fellow plants have been destroyed by Javelina or my own hand. I want to avoid cooking you playing with you for art. And yet  I so look forward to dinner.


Time… where did mine go?

2 alt titles seem so appropriate to me:
Relishing the gathering
Time…where did mine go ?

How is it possible to loose time, like a missing sock in the laundry?

Or should I spend more time reading the book I think it is called The $64 tomato?

With all the things that are important to me and my priorities…. eating home grown is one of them… but then again so is my art, and family and friends, and movement/exercise that does not mess up my back and wrists like gardening seems to. And of course we all have bills to pay… and dues to pay.

So many choices … how much time ?